In this episode of the #JHBshow, Julia Hartley-Brewer talks to Posie Parker, aka the online blogger Kellie-Jay Keen - the scourge of trans activists.

As the founder of the campaign group Standing For Women, Kellie-Jay is the woman behind the poster campaign “Woman - noun, adult human female”.

She’s faced police questioning for her campaigning to protect the rights of women and girls in the face of the demands of trans activists, whether it be in loos, changing rooms, prisons or in competitive sport. In a world where even Labour Party leadership candidates insist that men can self-identify as women without so much as a visit to the doctor, Kellie-Jay has been a fearless voice of common sense.

In this podcast, Julia and Kellie-Jay discuss the threat of trans activism to women’s rights and safety, the thousands of children at risk from the rush to diagnose transgenderism and how trans athletes will destroy women’s sport.

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